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Hakuho Holds Yusho Press Conference

Yokozuna Hakuho met with reporters the Monday after clinching his record setting 34th career yusho. After being maligned in the press the last two months following his criticism of the judges' efforts in January, both the Yokozuna and the reporters on hand took a cautious approach as they worked through the presser conference. Hakuho was first asked how he felt one day removed from his championship to which he replied, "In some ways it was fast but in other ways it felt slow. This basho just felt different from the others. It felt hard to get up for it and to feel fired up, but on day 3 when Harumafuji was beaten right before my eyes, I realized that I need to get things going because Kakuryu was already kyujo."

When asked about the content of his sumo he replied, "The content this basho was completely different from last basho. Last basho I was battling so much pressure that you couldn't necessarily see physically, but this tournament I felt as if I had taken things up to a higher level. I realized yet again that a hon-basho is special because it's where a person grows and becomes polished." When asked about the Osaka faithful, the Yokozuna stated, "Osaka is an exciting tournament, and it was big that I was able to deliver the yusho speech here again after two years. Then add to that the anniversary of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster, and I wanted to convey my personal thoughts to everyone through my sumo as well. No matter how many dozens of time you yusho, it always has the power to move people."

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