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Kyushu Basho Banzuke Released

The Sumo Association released the new banzuke yesterday for the upcoming Kyushu basho, and the rankings showed little change in the top section. Hakuho finds himself ranked at Yokozuna for his 50th basho, a feat good enough for fourth longest all time, but he does give up the prestigious East slot to Kakuryu following his early withdrawal from the Aki basho. Yokozuna Harumafuji, who has not competed since early in July, occupies the second tier in the rankings and is expected to participate in Kyushu. In the Ozeki ranks, Terunofuji holds onto the top slot while Goeido falls to the rear on the heels of his make-koshi performance in September. Goeido must win eight bouts in Kyushu or be demoted from the rank.

Tochiohzan and Myogiryu stand pat in the Sekiwake ranks while Tochinoshin holds firm in the East Komusubi slot. To the West, Tochinoshin is joined by Yoshikaze who provided perhaps the most exciting performance back in September. The upper Maegashira is packed with foreign heavyweights Ichinojo, Osunaarashi, and Aoiyama before the talent wanes from there. The lone rookie on the banzuke is M11 Mitakeumi (pictured above) who is generating hype for reaching the Makuuchi division in just four basho, a feat that puts him into a tie for 2nd place all time. The Kyushu basho begins November 8th.



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