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Sumo Association Releases Aki Basho Banzuke

The Sumo Association released the banzuke for the upcoming Aki basho set to begin September 13th, and once again Yokozuna Hakuho occupies the prestigious East Yokozuna slot. Hakuho maintains the Yokozuna rank for his 49th basho putting him in a tie for fourth place all time with Takanohana in terms of longevity at the rank. Kakuryu, who shined at the Nagoya basho in July, slips into the upper West slot while Harumafuji settles for the second tier following his withdrawal from Nagoya. Terunofuji's inevitable move into the prime Ozeki slot is made official with this banzuke while Kisenosato, Goeido, and Kotoshogiku follow in tow. Japan's two best rikishi, Tochiohzan and Myogiryu, fill out the Sekiwake ranks while Tochinoshin and Okinoumi round out the Komusubi. Tochinoshin occupies the rank for the first time in three years and becomes the first rikishi to return to the rank after having fallen down the banzuke as deep as the Makushita 55 rank. For the second time in as many basho, a Japanese rookie makes his debut in the division with 21 year-old Daieisho (pictured above), who moves into the M13 East slot after an impressive 9-6 run from the J1 rank in July. Daieisho hails from the Oitekaze-beya, the same stable as female heartthrob, Endoh. Making their returns to the division Chiyootori, Sokokurai, and Asasekiryu. Asasekiryu visits the top division for the first time since the 2012 Kyushu basho.





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