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Hakuho Holds Yusho Press Conference

After the obligatory questions, a brave reporter finally asked Hakuho about his thoughts on his comments made the day after the Hatsu basho in January to which the Yokozuna said, "My oyakata has already discussed the matter with the commissioner, and the case is closed. My only focus this basho was my sumo, and everyone can see the results of that focus through my sumo." Not to be outdone, another reporter asked if Hakuho refused to speak to the media in the dressing room so he could focus more, the Yokozuna said, "You could say that. I had a lot of thoughts going through my head that were never conveyed. I endured quite a bit up until now, and I think that is tied directly to my favorable results."

When asked about the possibility of his breaking Futabayama's consecutive bout winning streak of 69, Hakuho replied, "Well, I am the sport's 69th Yokozuna, so there is that coincidence working for me. As for he goes from here, Hakuho replied, "There are a lot of fans who cheer for sumo and a lot of Hakuho fans within that group who support me and enable me to get up on that dohyo. Moving forward I hope to continue to build upon my own legacy."





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