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Sumo Links

Below are links to other sumo-related sites that we think are worth your time visiting or sites that just rock in general.  If you have a site that you would like listed here, float us an email with your request.


English | Japanese  Official page of the Japan Sumo Association.  This site is recommended for daily basho results regarding all of the divisions in the sport.  Results of the top two divisions are updated within one minute after the fact.  One can also watch the Makuuchi bouts live by following the links on this site during the tournament.  The next day's bouts, win-loss records for all rikishi, banzuke topics, etc...it's all here.  The rikishi profiles, stats, and pictures are also helpful; however, a lot of the site is devoted to worthless information typical of any Japanese organization headed by ojiisans (old Japanese guys).  Who cares about the birthday rikishi of the week?

Kane Roberts official website If we could hand pick our readers, some of the desired criteria would loosely be as follows:  Has scored with a chick  |   Meets chicks at the gym instead of meeting them online  |  Has a music video with hot chicks in it that played on MTV (when MTV actually played music videos)  |  Has released a rock album under a major label  |  Has played Wembley Arena in front of 90,000 fans  |  Has toured with Guns 'N Roses (where GNR was the opening act)  |  Has guest hosted Headbangers Ball  |  Is on a first-name basis with music legends such as Alice Cooper, Slash, Paul Stanley, and John Bon Jovi  |  Lacks hinkaku.

Yeah, we know. The first item alone causes grief for most of our readership, but we've found one loyal reader who meets all of the above criteria. Sumotalk salutes ultimate reader and now contributor, Kane Roberts. Rock on bro!

Speak Japanese Fluently Sumotalk is a huge advocate of our readers learning the Japanese language.  Not only does it enhance the sumo viewing experience, but it will increase your intelligence...and who couldn't use more of that?  Start speaking real Japanese with video and audio lessons from this program.  And if you just can't pry yourself away from the internet and find no use for speaking Japanese fluently, then you may as well...

Read Japanese Fast  Learning to read news articles in Japanese posted to the web will increase your knowledge about sumo and give you insight to the Japanese people and culture much more so than what you can glean from English chatboards.  Learn to read kanji in context in 30 days with this program.

Sumo & Stogies Getting tired of Sumotalk taking days off and those long gaps in between basho? Your solution may be Sumo & Stogies, a group of rogues who enjoy whiskey, a good cigar, and of course talking sumo. The fellas here understand who the badass rikishi are, and they're not afraid to mention yaocho. Kick it with these guys when Sumotalk goes dormant. Oh, and for the record, their Blogroll of Respect is in ascending order.

Japan Travel Guide Coming to Japan to enjoy a little sumo? With the crap that passes for sumo these days good luck. Okay, there are always a few good bouts each day, but how are you going to pass the time the rest of your vacation? Visit our friends at the online Japan Travel Guide for tons of ideas on tourist destinations, transportation, food, culture, and much more. Rumor has it they even offer bus tours that pass by Ross Mihara's house, but don't quote us on that.


Sumo Art Lynn Matsuoka is well-known to the foreign sumo community for her sumo artwork, which can be seen in museums around the world. She has also been featured on CNN, and many fans know Lynn as one of the charter members of the NHK English broadcasts, a role she fulfilled for 15 years. Lynn's sumo art wall calendar, gifts & merchandise can be found here.

Guess the Banzuke Game sponsored by Kintamayama (yes, you read that right).  Visit this page for the best "guess the banzuke" game on the web and other interesting sumo insights from our friend in Israel.

Sekitori Toto Game | Sekitori Oracle Game.  Two sumo games that challenge your knowledge of the entire sekitori ranks.  Click here for details from Zenjimoto, the games' host.

Follow the Juryo Division in detail here and participate in a game maintained by jean francois MORGILLO (Hoshifransu) that is devoted totally to the lower division.  Hoshifransu also may be the world's biggest fan of Toki.  Check out this site dedicated exclusively to the king of lamb chop sideburns.


Italian Sumo site For all sumo fans whose native language is Italian, this site is a must.  Though we can't understand its contents, we're sure it's a lot better than our drivel.

US Amateur Sumo Click here to visit the unofficial web-site for the United States Sumo Federation.  We're not sure what the official website is, but we're pretty sure it isn't as good as this one.

Learn Japanese - Free Japanese Lessons If for no other reason, you should learn Japanese so you don't have to rely on the weak takes provided by the English mainstream press covering sumo  Click here to get started.