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Sumo News

Hakuho Sits Down with the Media

After a tumultuous off season where Hakuho was criticized heavily in the press for comments he made regarding the judges in his day 13 Hatsu basho bout against Kisenosato, the Yokozuna graciously sat down with reporters this morning for the first time since that incident to discuss the upcoming basho. This topic of his criticism was brought up to which the Yokozuna explained, "There are just some feelings we have inside that are difficult to put into words. Each person has his own thought and feelings, and all I did was convey my thoughts on the matter." Hakuho's failure to apologize drew criticism from many media outlets, but the Yokozuna was firm in his stance.

When asked about what his goals are now that he's reached the all-time career yusho mark, he quipped, "Nothing yet, but it will start from here. I don't need any uninvited pressure, so I'll just continue to proceed at my own pace." Hakuho's meeting with the press lasted for just 10 minutes, and when reporters began asking more about his criticism of the judges, a person affiliated with the stable abruptly announced that the press conference was over.





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