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Sumo Association releases the Haru basho banzuke

The Sumo Association released it's banzuke rankings today in preparation for the Haru Basho set to begin March 8th in Osaka. With no change to the top two ranks, the early focus is on the Sekiwake ranks where two new rikishi make their debut in Terunofuji and Okinoumi. Terunofuji (at right) reaches the rank in just 23 basho putting him in 9th place all time for fastest rise to the rank. He is also the 8th Mongolian to occupy the rank. As for Okinoumi, he is the first rikishi from Shimane Prefecture to reach the rank in 121 years when Taninooto last did it in the Meiji era.

Joining the two Sekiwake as a sanyaku first-timer, Tamawashi makes his debut in the Komusubi rank climbing all the way from the M9 slot in January due to a dearth of kachi-koshi rikishi above him. Tamawashi is joined by Myogiryu to the West who returns to the rank for the first time in 7 basho. Once again, there are no rookies making their debut in the division while Kitataiki, Gagamaru, and Amuuru make their returns to the dance.

For the complete listing of the Makuuchi banzuke, click here.





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