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Sumo Association releases the Hatsu basho banzuke

The Sumo Association released the 2015 Hatsu basho banzuke a few days early to generate sufficient publicity prior to the long year-end-new-year holiday in Japan. There were few surprises in the new rankings with the Yokozuna unchanged and Kisenosato moving from West to East in the upper Ozeki slot. Both Kotoshogiku and Goeido are kadoban Ozeki this basho, which means that they must win eight bouts or be demoted from their rank. The Sekiwake rank is unchanged with Aoiyama and Ichinojo who both managed eight wins in November while Takayasu and Tochiohzan assume the Komusubi rank.

No rookies were announced for the Hatsu basho while former Makuuchi rikishi Tokitenku, Sadanofuji, Kagamioh, and Tosayutaka all make their returns to the division. Tosayutaka, who fell down as far as the Sandanme 84 rank following a knee injury sustained at the 2011 Nagoya basho, sets the post-war record for steepest fall down the ranks before making his return to Makuuchi. The Hatsu basho begins January 11th.  Click the following link for the full Makuuchi banzuke.





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