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Banzuke reaction from Sekiwake Ichinojo


Ichinojo, who is receiving the bulk of the attention with the release of the Kyushu banzuke, held a press conference at the Minato-beya to celebrate his promotion to the Sekiwake rank. In a seldom-seen move, the media was allowed into the stable to watch the Sekiwake's hair get tied into a top-know for the very first time. With approximately 50 reporters packing the stable confines, Ichinojo held up a mirror after getting his hair tied up and declared, "Now I finally look like a sumo-san," drawing laughter from the crowd. When asked how the new mage felt, he said, "It's feels a lot better than my hair all over the place. It has a nice tight feeling to it." When asked about his sudden promotion to the Sekiwake rank he stated, "I'm thrilled that I've been able to put together this kind of run in just one year."

In the too-much-information department, it was also learned the Ichinojo withdrew from part of the Autumn exhibition season with a case of herpes.





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