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Banzuke reaction from Yokozuna Hakuho


Yokozuna Hakuho held his usual press conference yesterday coinciding with the release of the Kyushu basho banzuke, and talk quickly focused on his chances of tying Taiho for the all-time career yusho record at 32 with a victory in Kyushu. "I hope to be able to hoist the cup in front of the Kyushu fans as I stand with Taiho at 32 yusho. He was like a father to all of us, so I want to do my best to pay my respects to him," he said referencing the death of Taiho last year in January. "I made a promise with him privately that I would reach the 32 yusho mark." When asked about rikishi in his way like Goeido who currently enjoys a three bout winning streak over the Yokozuna, Hakuho replied, "I'm thinking about paying a visit to the Sakaigawa-beya to spar with him." When asked about his feelings toward the Kyushu basho, he replied, "When it starts to get cold, the food tastes better, and feel as if I'm able to put on a few kilos." When asked about upstart, Ichinojo, who kept pace with Hakuho in the yusho race until the final day of Aki, Hakuho responded, "His performance last basho was flawless, but I don't know if he's going to repeat that this basho."





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