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Banzuke reaction from Ozeki Kotoshogiku


Ozeki Kotoshogiku, who hails from Yanagawa City in Fukuoka, held a press conference this morning upon the release of the Kyushu basho banzuke that saw him occupying the top Ozeki slot. When asked what it feels like to come home, he said, "Yesterday when I ate out nearby, there were so many people who wished me well. I hope to work hard at keiko and do well at the tournament." When asked about last year's Kyushu basho where he injured a muscle in his ribcage on day 2 forcing him to withdraw, he replied, "I've adjusted my keiko style to accommodate the effects of the injury, so know I just need to go out there and attack my shortcomings from last year's basho." When asked about Ichinojo, a rikishi he actually sparred with prior to last year's Kyushu basho, the Ozeki said, "I could tell he was strong back then, and I'll definitely face him this basho, so I hope to come up with a strategy to hinder him."





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