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Sumo Association releases Kyushu Basho banzuke

The Sumo Association released the banzuke for the upcoming Kyushu basho set to begin November 9th. Grabbing the majority of the headlines was Ichinojo who vaulted all the way up to the Sekiwake rank following his 13-2 debut performance in September. Requiring just five basho to reach the sanyaku following his debut in Makushita shatters the former record held by Yutakayama and Musoyama (7 basho) who both went on to become Ozeki. Ichinojo also becomes the first rikishi in the modern era to reach the sanyaku by his second basho in the division.

Yokozuna Hakuho occupies the top spot on the banzuke for the fourth basho in a row and looks to tie the all-time career yusho mark held by Taiho at 32. Kakuryu fills out the Yokozuna West slot while Harumafuji sits one notch down after withdrawing from the Aki basho due to an eye injury. The Ozeki ranks also remain unchanged from September.

Other rikishi making news are Sekiwake Aoiyama and Komusubi Ikioi who are promoted to their respective ranks for the first time in their careers.  Finally, rookie Amuuru makes his debut in the division after 12 and half years in the sport.  Click here to see the rest of the Makuuchi rankings.





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