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Sumo News

Okinoumi announces his engagement

Okinoumi announced his engagement today at a press conference held on the grounds of the Daikoji Temple in Fukuoka's eastern district where his Hakkaku-beya sets up shop each year for the Kyushu basho. The lucky bride to be is 25 year-old Utako Sasaki, the oldest daughter of the former priest at the temple. Her father and Hakkaku-oyakata are acquaintances as Mr. Sasaki's is a supporter of the stable, and after Hakkaku-oyakata introduced Okinoumi to the former priest's daughter, the two start dating in January of this year. Okinoumi, who is popular among female fans due to his good looks, commented on his bride, "It was love at first site. She's just like the air...someone I have to have in order to subsist. I pursued her vigorously," he said unable to suppress his smile.

As for Miss Utako, a licensed food handler and nutritionist, she commented, "I will do my best to be a big support to him." Okinoumi added, "Now that I have more responsibility, I want to become a rikishi who works hard for his wife." The two plan to submit their wedding papers soon although they won't hold a reception until sometime next year.





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