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Yokozuna pay special visit to Ichinojo

Yokozuna Hakuho and Yokozuna Kakuryu met up at the Tokitsukaze-beya today to do de-geiko with Makuuchi newcomer, Ichinojo. Ichinojo faced both Yokozuna a total of 20 times failing to win a single bout. Hakuho focused on straight up yotsu-zumo allowing Ichinojo to push him back at times in order to test his strength while Kakuryu primarily attacked at the front of Ichinojo's belt. During the session, Hakuho also trash-talked the youngster saying things like, "You're supposed to take the Kantosho, right?!" When asked about the rookie afterwards, Hakuho replied about his fellow Mongolian, "He's still got a ways to go and needs to go through tough keiko like this." As for Ichinojo, he seemed generally pleased by the experience saying, "I was thrilled to have them here, but it was hard. I realized just how weak my initial charge is."





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