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Japanese Ozeki struggling to find form

Ozeki Kisenosato was lackluster at the Nishonoseki Ichimon joint keiko session held this morning at the Matsugane-beya. Fighting Tamawashi six times and Takekaze 10 times, the Ozeki did manage 11 wins; however, he was roughed up in a few of his losses being thrown easily down to the dohyo. Afterwards the Ozeki commented, "My body didn't really move the way I wanted it to. I felt quite fatigued out there." Oguruma-oyakata, who was on hand to observe the session, didn't seen as concerned offering, "There's still plenty of time left, so I'm not worried about him."

As for Ozeki Goeido, he's facing his own struggles with a sore left knee that has caused him to stay at home the last three days and spar with Sadanoumi. The pair fought a total of 18 times today with Goeido finishing 15-3. Goeido's knee was noticeably taped today causing him to explain afterwards, "There's still some uneasiness, so over the next four or five days I hope to work it out." Mainoumi, who was on hand to observe the session, seemed a bit more worried commenting, "I remember when injured my right elbow. I felt as if I needed a month to prepare for the tournament."





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