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Asashoryu Attends Rally for Endoh

Former Yokozuna Asashoryu attended a rally for M1 Endoh sponsored by his fan club at a Tokyo hotel. When asked his opinion of the budding superstar, Asashoryu promptly proclaimed, "He's my favorite!" Asashoryu was the inspiration for Endoh's interest in sumo when the two first met in 2002 at an exhibition tournament held in Kanezawa. "I got a call around 9 PM and did my best to make it here in time. He's the only one I'm rooting for. I really love the kid." As for Endoh, he greeted the crowd on hand with rather bland comments saying, "I will do my best to perform the type of sumo that will allow me to win as many bouts as possible and make my fans happy." When asked about getting his picture taken with Asashoryu for the first time in 12 years, Endoh simply replied, "I'm thrilled."





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