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Sumo News

Banzuke Reaction

Takekaze who becomes the oldest newly-promoted Sekiwake ever at 35 years, the slowest Makuuchi rikishi to ever achieve the rank taking 68 basho, and the second slowest to reach the rank after his Komusubi debut 38 basho ago: "I feel a great sense of responsibility and pressure, but I have a lot of experience, and so I don't think they're just going to push me around."

Hakuho who looks to tie Chiyonofuji for second place all time in career yusho at 31: "I felt like I accomplished something with my 30th yusho, so I will turn the switch back on and do my best to achieve a new record at this tournament. I'm no longer young and will break down if I do too much keiko, so I will condition myself with the basics like suri-ashi and teppo."

Chiyotairyu on his promotion to Komusubi with just 10 wins from the M8 rank in Nagoya: "I'm thrilled. I was sure there was no way I'd be ranked this high after Nagoya, so I consider it a miracle. I really think this promotion was a fluke."

Goeido (pictured above) on glimpsing his name among the Ozeki ranks: "This rank has been a goal of mine all along, so it's very meaningful to me. It's a rank where you're always expected to win, so it's going to be really intense."

Ichinojo on his rapid climb to the Makuuchi division: "I'm ecstatic. My name is now bigger on the banzuke, and I'm looking forward to it. My initial goal is to kachi-koshi.".





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