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2014 Aki Basho Banzuke Released

The Sumo Association released the 2014 Aki banzuke this morning giving sumo fans the first glimpse of newly-promoted Goeido who was slotted in the second West slot leaving the second tier East slot open. Goeido becomes the first rikishi from Osaka in 35 years to be promoted to Ozeki. Kotoshogiku sits in the highest Ozeki slot for the first time in his three-year Ozeki career while Kisenosato shifts over to the West rounding out the top tier.  In the Yokozuna ranks, Hakuho occupies the top spot for the fourth basho in a row as he looks to tie Chiyonofuji's all-time yusho record of 31. Kakuryu joins him in the top tier to the West while Harumafuji falls to the second tier East slot.

The biggest shake-up occurred in the sanyaku where all four members from the previous basho were replaced, the first time such an occurrence has taken place since 1984. Takekaze makes his Sekiwake debut occupying the West slot and becomes the oldest rikishi in the modern era at 35 years and two months to be promoted for the first time to Sekiwake. He is joined to the East by Myogiryu who returns to the rank for the first time in a year while Jokoryu (East) and Chiyotairyu (West) make their sanyaku debuts filling out the Komusubi ranks.

There is only one first-timer to the Makuuchi division in M10 Ichinojo who is expected to make an immediate impact. Click here for the full 2014 Aki basho Makuuchi banzuke





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