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Goeido's Press Conference

When asked about his next goal, Goeido indicated it was to yusho, but his stable master also added, "This is all meaningless if he doesn't have a goal to reach Yokozuna."  Other questions and answers from the session are as follows:

How did you feel after the formal announcement ceremony?
I was quite relieved, but starting today I now have to refocus my mindset as an Ozeki

Why did you choose the phrase "Yamato-damashi" (Japanese spirit) in your acceptance statement?
I chose these words because they reflect the strong endurance and graciousness of the Japanese people, and they convey my feelings in a simple manner.

What are your thoughts on becoming an Ozeki?
I used to think that it was an existence above the clouds, but now "my time has come at last."

You were touted as a possible Ozeki based on your amateur results.
I was always aiming for Ozeki, but it was rough not being able to produce sufficient results for so long. Today was a reward for everything.

What kind of image do you want to portray as an Ozeki?
I want to be an Ozeki who can exert full power with strong mental toughness.

What's your next goal?
The yusho. I will get closer to it as I drive harder at the tachi-ai and conquer my speed issues.





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