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Sumo News

Goeido Officially Promoted to Ozeki

July 30th - Following his 12-3 performance at the Nagoya basho, Goeido was officially promoted to Ozeki this morning as the Banzuke Reorganization Committee met and dispatched two officials from the Sumo Association to deliver the good news to the Sakaigawa-beya. Goeido's prepared acceptance statement was simple as he resolutely said, "I will carry forward the Japanese Spirit."

Goeido took the Japanese sumo world by storm becoming the third fastest rikishi to reach the Sekiwake rank following Tochiazuma and Takanohana, but he hit the wall at that point and even found himself demoted all the way down to the Juryo ranks at one point. Goeido worked his way back up the banzuke but required 14 tournaments from the Sekiwake rank the second time around  in order to finally get over the Ozeki hump becoming the slowest rikishi to obtain the rank going back to the Showa Era.

Flanked by his stable master, the former Ryogoku and current Sakaigawa-oyakata, Goeido was asked about his rivalry with the three Mongolian Yokozuna. "I don't want to lose to them or to any other rikishi," he replied.  (continued on next page >>>)





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