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Hanaregoma-oyakata dies suddenly

May 18th - The former Hanaregoma-oyakata, a director of the Sumo Association's board and former commissioner, died suddenly today at the age of 66. He was visiting a golf practice facility in Tokyo with family members when he suddenly fell ill and collapsed around 2 PM. Hanaregoma was rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance and was pronounced dead shortly after 3:21 PM. The cause of death is being reported as heart disease.

During his active career, Hanaregoma-oyakata fought under the name of Kaiketsu and rose as high as the Ozeki rank. During his 13 year career which ended in 1979, he never once went kyujo. He coined the phrase, "kyujo wa shiai houki da," or kyujo is a dereliction of duty. Fighting alongside such names as Kitanoumi, Wajima, and Takanohana I, Kaiketsu was a popular figure in the 70's and known as "Clean Kaiketsu." During his first year at Nichidai University as a member of the judo club, he was scouted by the then Hanaregoma-oyakata and convinced to join sumo. He took five years to reach the Makuuchi division but quickly rose to the sanyaku and then picked up his first career yusho by defeating Kitanoumi in a playoff at the 1974 Kyushu basho. Recently, Hanaregoma-oyakata was best known for his assuming the reins of the Association during the yaocho scandal that forced several board members to temporarily step down including then commissioner, Kitanoumi Rijicho.






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