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Nagoya basho banzuke released

July 1st - The Sumo Association released the banzuke for the 2014 Nagoya basho yesterday that saw Yokozuna Hakuho hold the top spot for the third basho in a row. This also marks the 42nd basho for Hakuho ranked as Yokozuna which puts him in a tie for 8th place all time with Asashoryu among others. Hakuho will also be searching for his landmark 30th career yusho at the tournament, a feat only accomplished by two other rikishi in the history of the sport.

In the Ozeki ranks, mild talk of Yokozuna promotion for Kisenosato is beginning to appear after his 13-2 effort at the Natsu basho that included wins over two of the Yokozuna while fellow Ozeki, Kotoshogiku, is kadoban for the 3rd time in his career meaning he must win eight bout or be demoted from the rank, an occurrence that would likely invite retirement.

Tochiohzan is ranked as a Sekiwake for the third basho in a row joining Goeido and his 14th straight tournament at the rank while 35 year old Aminishiki slips back into the Komusubi rank for the first time in 8 basho joined by Aoiyama who makes his reappearance for the first time in 11 tries.  Osunaarashi (pictured above) climbs to his highest ever rank at M3 while no first-timers to the division were promoted.





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