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Hakuho visits the Kokonoe-beya for de-geiko

May 7th - Yokozuna Hakuho visited the Kokonoe-beya today for de-geiko clashing with Komusubi Chiyootori and others in the stable. The Yokozuna focused primarily on the new Komusubi sparring for 15 bouts with no concrete results given. Chiyootori was able to force Hakuho back near the edge on several occasions, but the Yokozuna was able to dig in and overwhelm his opponent in the end. When asked why he visited the stable (for the first time since Kyushu 2004), Hakuho responded, "Some strong rikishi have emerged from the stable, so I came to practice with them." Besides Chiyootori, Chiyomaru has looked sharp in the division, and Chiyotairyu has had fair success among the jo'i. With Chiyonokuni also making his return to the division in May, the Kokonoe-beya boasts four rikishi in the sport's highest division. As for Chiyootori, the Komusubi commented afterwards, "Even when I gave it my all, he didn't so much as limp." Hakuho paid respect to Kokonoe-oyakata commenting in the end, "I was able to do good keiko in front of the watchful eyes of a dai-Yokozuna."






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