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Endoh's philosophy on avoiding de-geiko

May 6th - M4 Endoh stayed at home today yet again to practice with Makushita rikishi from his stable fighting 30 times and winning all of his bouts. Unlike his first basho last March among the jo'i where Endoh ventured out for de-geiko nearly everyday, the youngster has opted to stay at home in May to practice with the rikishi from the Oitekaze-beya. Endoh explained the tactic afterwards saying, "When I practice with the upper guys, it's just too much. When I practice with the younger guys, I'm able to actually think about what to do at the belt and how to attack. I already know what it's like to fight the upper echelon, and since I don' t have enough weight yet, I'm want to make myself quicker at the tachi-ai fighting the younger guys."






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