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Sumo News

Keiko reports from the top rikishi

May 6th - Yokozuna Kakuryu visited the Tokitsukaze-beya today fore de-geiko although he refrained from bumping chests with fellow Yokozuna Hakuho who was also on hand. Instead, the rookie Yokozuna fought with Kaisei and three other sekitori 23 times easily winning each bout. Afterwards he commented, "I'm hoping to do forward moving sumo instead of going for the pull. I have to get stronger."

As for Yokozuna Hakuho, he ventured out for de-geiko the first time prior to the Natsu basho. Scheduled to go for de-geiko yesterday, an earthquake in the area shut down the elevator in his apartment building leaving the Yokozuna stranded on the 46th floor. Hakuho practiced against Toyonoshima for 19 bouts with no concrete results given. In a rare move, the Yokozuna did call out 39 year-old Kyokutenho who was also visiting to conduct his butsukari-geiko. When asked afterwards, Hakuho explained, "Kyokutenho-zeki keeps saying he's going to retire, and so I thought I'd practice with him before he goes."

Ozeki Kisenosato participated in the Nishonoseki Ichimon joint keiko session held today at the Matsugane-beya. Kisenosato clashed with fellow Ozeki Kotoshogiku 15 times at the session finishing 11-4. Early on, Kotoshogiku frequently forced Kisenosato back from the tachi-ai, but he tired quickly allowing Kisenosato to finish strong. Afterwards Kisenosato commented, "I ended the joint keiko looking good. I want to keep preparing the best I can."






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