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Sumo News

Endoh ties hair into a top-knot for keiko

May 2nd - M4 Endoh made headlines today after appearing in the keiko ring with his hair tied up in a top-knot for the very first time. Staying home at the Oitekaze-beya, Endoh battled non-sekitori rikishi from his stable 23 times finishing the day 22-1. Reporters of course couldn't wait to ask Endoh what is was like to practice with his hair tied up, and the M4 complied saying, "I didn't feel weird and was actually refreshing. I thought it was easier to fight today because my long hair wasn't falling down like a curtain in front of my eyes." Throughout the session, Endoh jerked his head back quickly out of habit as if to get the hair out of his eyes, but only tiny wisps of hair came out of the knot from time to time. When asked about his sumo with the top-knot he replied, "My feeling isn't any different. I'm just looking forward and hoping to do my best." In the afternoon, Endoh attended pep rally in his honor attended by about a thousand people.






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