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Sumo News

Wakanosato Retires

Former Sekiwake and Sumotalk favorite, Wakanosato, held a press conference today at the Ryogoku Kokugikan to announce his retirement. Flanked by his stable master, Tashinoura-oyakata, the Gangstuh stated, "I joined sumo because I loved it. My intent was to fight on, but my body just can't keep up anymore." Wakanosato finished just 4-11 from the J11 rank in July but waited until the new banzuke to announce his retirement, so he could still participate as an active rikishi in the summer exhibition season that traveled through his home in Aoimori Prefecture. It was announced that he will remain with the Association as Nishiiwa-oyakata and will be affiliated with his current Tashinoura stable.

Don Sato joined professional sumo in 1992 after his graduation from junior high school and fought as an active rikishi for 23 years. Making his debut at the 1992 Haru basho, he decided to join the Sumo Association after the previous year's summer exhibition in Aoimori when as a third year junior high student, Wakanosato was privileged to spar with Yokozuna Takanohana (continued on next page).





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