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Wakanosato Retires (continued)

Recalling those memories and expressing his desire to participate one last time in the Aoimori exhibitions before his retirement, he expressed appreciation to the Sumo Association for "letting me make that one last selfish request." When asked about his most memorable bout, he readily brought up his first ever meeting with Yokozuna Takanohana on day 10 of the 1998 Aki basho.

Wakanosato was known early on as a bull in the keiko ring for the then Naruto-beya, and he quickly gained notoriety for his strong, hidari-yotsu style. Wakanosato set a record for 19 consecutive basho ranked in the sanyaku, but he was never quite able to get over the Ozeki hump due to the strength of the banzuke back in his day. His 87 basho fought in the Makuuchi division puts him at 8th place all time, and his career total wins of 914 puts him in 7th place all time.





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