Nagoya Basho 2010 por Óscar Gutiérrez


Hatsu Basho – 5ieme Jour


Rapport efter fjortonde dagen av Aki Basho 2011 av Stefan Häger


Aki Basho 2010 – Inter-Basho Bericht – Teil 1



In an effort to bring the greatest sport in the world to more people, Sumotalk is looking for volunteers to write sumo reports in their own language for our new feature: Sumotalk International. We welcome reports in any language, but in keeping with the current make-up of sumo, we are especially interested in writers in the following: Japanese, Mongolian, Russian, Bulgarian, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

A broad knowledge of sumo is obviously required, but the most important thing is your love and enthusiasm for the sport. The length and nature of the reports would basically be up to you, but we expect all writers to uphold the basic philosophy of Sumotalk.

Sumotalk is dedicated to providing detailed, informative and entertaining daily honbasho reports to the growing community of foreign fans of sumo. Its existence is due in part to the dearth of critical sumo analysis on the web or in the mainstream media--anyone who has read the unbelievably dry daily reports from the news agencies will know exactly what we mean.

Note to potential foreign correspondents: we need reports from you that fit into the above ethos. You can even say how badly we suck in your comments because 1) we already know this, and 2) we wouldn't be able to read your comments anyway.

For more details, write to Simon Siddall at this address:


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