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Pictures from Harvey's day at the sumos...Nagoya 2015

Going to work; commuting on the subway at 7:30 a.m.


At work, outside: retired wrestler relaxing in front of the venue before the day gets going.


7:45 a.m., the line to buy stand buy tickets.  The sign the lady is holding says after that there is no hope.  We stood in line anyway.


Yes sir!


The Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium is as drab as drab can be, though it is in a lovely park that also houses Nagoya Castle.  The parking lot on the left is where fans will gather to watch wrestlers come and go; I caught a glimpse of Asashoryu there one year.


At the venue entrance: banners in the morning sun.

Just outside the park walls, drummers welcome fans with traditional music.


At work: same guy, now inside at the sound board.


Trophies for the winner, chaos in the entry hall.


Attendants lined up to bring you to your seat.  Mine had English phrases, include "expel devils" (for the salt throwing) written on her palm.


Someone is trying too hard.


Kakuryu is looking at me!  Inside the venue, yokozuna showdown.


To the winner go the spoils (option 1).


Caught this on my way out: it says "Hakuho" on the window.  To the winner go the spoils.

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