Message from Zenjimoto


 Dear Sumo friends!

It's that time again!  You are all cordially invited to participate in my two games, Sekitori-Toto and Sekitori-Oracle!

Don't be confused between Sekitori-Toto and Sekitori-Oracle, they are both different games, and both worthwhile playing :)

The objective of both games is, to try to correctly predict the outcome of all bouts involving the 66 Sekitori at the next basho.  InSekitori-Oracle, you submit  your picks BEFORE the basho begins, guessing the win/loss records you expect each rikishi to have at the end of the tournament (like Asashoryu 14-1, Takamisakari, 8-7, etc.) - depending on how close you are to the actual outcome, you will score points.

Sekitori-Toto is played DURING the basho.  On all 15 days of the tournament, you get to pick the 30 or so winners of the daily bouts (or, if you are not sure who will win a bout, you can pick "X" for a guaranteed half point!;)

Both games are a lot of fun, and are ideal for you to play "first" amongst the other sumo prediction-type games out there, because they will "force" you to consider the entire spectrum of Sekitori before you narrow your choices down to come up with your selections in the other games.

Both games also feature smaller prize categories besides the Yusho award, and  a Nations' competition - so be sure to represent your country proudly, and to help your team mates out in bringing the glory home! :)

On top of that, the Sekitori-Oracle Yusho winner gets a REAL trophy sent to them!  You can see what it looks like at !  And in Sekitori-Toto, you are playing for "cyber-medals" and an entry on the prestigious Medals Presentation Page - :)

Worth a try, isn't it? ;)

You can reach BOTH games though the portal page at - or individually, at:


Pre-registration for Sekitori-Toto is now open.  Please be sure to pre register for the next basho, because if you don't, you might encounter a few problems related to scoring later on.

As for Sekitori-Oracle, it is now officially open for you to make your entries!

So, I wish you good luck, and have fun playing! Cheers



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