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(starting with Kyushu 2002)       

Photo Gallery

Mike with then favorite rikishi Mitoizumi of the Takasago-beya

Hanging out with the lower-ranked rikishi of Takasago-beya

Mike with all time favorite rikishi Musoyama

Mike and wife in the Oshima-beya practice tent flanked by Kyokushuzan on the left and Asahiyutaka on the right

Mike standing next to the shihai, or Emperors Cup

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Highland, Utah, USA

1989-91, 1994-97, 2001





Sumotalk.com Web Knight (not yet a Master)

12 for 18 ( 66.67%)

Mike and Tosanoumi

Mike's favorite pastime: buying a cheap seat and sneaking down to the front

Mike with then little-known Makushita rikishi Kyokutenho

Mike in front of the Kokusai Center, site of the Kyushu Basho

Memorable photo taken from the front row of the Juryo dohyo-iri with Mainoumi (middle left) and Tomonohana (middle right)--two of the most exciting pint-sized rikishi ever.  Oh yeah, that's future Ozeki Chiyotaikai on the far left.





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