Haru 2012
Who's behind yaocho and why

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Takanosato and Smokin' Joe

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Orchestrating an Ozeki Run

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A new era for sumo

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Asashoryu's retirement

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Why I have always defended Asashoryu

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The media's double standard detracts from sumo

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Racism in Sumo

Sumo Association Guilty of Negligence

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Finally the Sumo Association gets it right

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Enough of the hate and negativity

Nagoya 2007
Asashoryu should retire?  What about Kitanoumi?

Can you say "witch hunt"?

Haru 2007
Shame on Asashoryu and Hakuho...Osaka deserves better than that

Hatsu 2007
I know we Sumotalkers can be retards at times...

Aki 2006
Simple physics tells us that Chiyotaikai pulled Asa's hair

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What was Roho thinking?

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How to beat Baruto--or Bruto if you announce for the NHK English broadcast

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Mike cries yaocho on senshuraku

Frustrating sumo from Eastern Europeans

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