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Sumo Terminology (page 3 of 3)

Shitatenage A winning technique that involves throwing the opponent down by using an inner grip on his mawashi.

Shukunsho The Outstanding Performance prize awarded to a Maegashira rikishi who topples several Yokozuna and/or Ozeki along his way in winning at least 8 of his 15 bouts.

Sumo The national sport of Japan. The Japanese here is actually "ozumo," or "Grand Sumo."

Suna-kaburi The first six spectator rows around the dohyo. The name is derived from suna, or sand, and kaburi, to wear on one's head. A spectator sitting in the first few rows around the dohyo may be hit with flying sand from the bouts in the ring.

Tachiai The initial charge at the beginning of a bout.

Taiketsu A match between two rikishi.

Tate-gyoji The chief gyoji.

Tawara The narrow bales of straw that mark the perimeter of the dohyo.

Tegata A rikishi's handprint, the Sumo equivalent of a signature.

Tenran-zumo Sumo performed before the Emperor of Japan.

Teppo The striking of a wooden pole to strengthen the arms and shoulders.

Tenpai The Emperor's Cup, or huge trophy awarded to the yusho rikishi.

Tokudawara The tawara that are slightly set back from the dohyo's ring. Originally, they were to allow the gyoji to enter the ring back when the tawara were full-sized bales of straw; now they give a few extra centimeters of fighting space to hard-pressed rikishi.

Torikumi A Sumo bout.

Tori-naoshi A rematch, called when a bout is too close to determine the winner.

Tsuna-tori An act of tying the white Yokozuna rope around the waste of a newly promoted Yokozuna.

Waza A technique.

Yagura The scaffolding or tower outside the entrance to a tournament; a taiko drum is placed at the top and beaten to announce the tournament.

Yakata The roof that is suspended above the dohyo.

Yaocho A fixed bout.

Yobidashi The announcers who call out the names of the rikishi at the beginning of each match.

Yokozuna The highest rank in Sumo from which a rikishi cannot be demoted.

Yorikiri A winning technique that involves forcing the opponent out of the dohyo by using a grip on his mawashi.

Yotsu-zumo Fighting with a grip on your opponent's belt.

Yusho A tournament victory.

Zabuton A cushion used when sitting on the floor. Before their bouts, rikishi sit on their personal zabuton at ringside

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