Fantasy Sumo Rules

The object of Fantasy Sumo is to create a fantasy stable that will generate as many points as possible throughout one basho, or tournament. The Fantasy Sumo home page lists nine different groups lettered from A thru I. Participants select one rikishi from each group to create a fantasy stable. Fantasy stables can be created or edited up until the first Makuuchi bout begins on day 1 of the tournament (approximately 7:30 am GMT) by visiting our Fantasy Sumo home page.
Points are awarded for four different achievements:

1 Makuuchi Division win = 1 point

1 Kinboshi* win = 3 points

1 Sansho* prize = 5 points

Yusho* = 8 points

Each tournament, it is inevitable that rikishi will get injured and withdraw mid-way through. If this happens to a rikishi in your stable, you may NOT choose a different rikishi from the same group. However, if a rikishi in your fantasy stable withdraws before the tournament begins and after you have created your fantasy stable, you may edit your stable at anytime up until the first Makuuchi bout begins on day 1 of the tournament.

Throughout the tournament, leaders will be posted on the standings page, which is updated daily. All participants will be sorted from highest points to lowest points. Points for Makuuchi division wins and kinboshi are accumulated daily; points for sansho prizes and the yusho are awarded at the end of the tournament. During the first week of the tournament especially, there will be many participants tied. In the event of a tie, the participant who entered his/her stable first will be listed on top. However, the tie-breaker rule at the end of the tournament is as follows: whoever picked the higher-scoring rikishi from group A is put on top. If the tie can't be resolved with group A, we will then take the high-scoring rikishi from group B and so on down the line until the tie is resolved. If two stables are identical, the participant who entered their stable first will be placed on top.

 Feel like you don't know enough about the sport to create a winning stable? Never fear! compete against's monkey. Each basho, our monkey will roll a dice in order to pick a fantasy stable completely at random just to show how competitive this method can be.
kinboshi -- literally a golden star, a kinboshi is awarded to a Maegashira-ranked rikishi who topples a Yokozuna.

sansho prize -- The three prizes are: Shukunsho (outstanding performance), Kantosho (fighting spirit), Ginosho (technical merit).

yusho -- a tournament championship. The Makuuchi rikishi with the most wins at the end of the tournament is the champion. 

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