News (updated April 26, 2005)

*Due to the lack of competition Asashoryu faces in the division, we are now pairing him against the Juryo yusho rikishi plus one Makuuchi rikishi.  As the basho progresses and the standings page is updated daily, those selecting the Juryo yusho rikishi will receive points according to the best record maintained by a Juryo rikishi.  For example, if after eight days the best record in the Juryo ranks is 7-1, those selecting the Juryo yusho rikishi will have accrued seven wins for their group A selection plus the number of wins scored by the Makuuchi rikishi--Tosanoumi in the case of this basho.  This will almost guarantee that the combined number of wins accumulated by the Juryo yusho rikishi and Tosanoumi will surpass Asashoryu's win total.  So the Fantasy Sumo participant must determine whether or not s/he thinks Asashoryu will yusho thus receiving eight extra points on top of his win total and whether or not this will be good enough to counter the number of wins accumulated by Tosanoumi.

*If there are any questions regarding how to register for fantasy sumo or how to select your picks, float us an email at

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